My spirit animal is a Chicken. Coyotes were too mainstream.


  1. Welcome to the NBI! Keep up the good blogging and we'll keep reading!

  2. So do you throw images through your phone, or do you have a program on your PC or Mac?

  3. Well, at the beginning, there were many smartphones in Middle-Earth: 3 iphones for the kings of the elves, 7 androids for the fathers of the dwarves and 9 recycled second-hand phones for the mortal men. But then Sauron appeared, created instagram, and gave a lot of smartphones to the hobbits; and the hobbits begun to take pics of every meal and to spam like hell: breakfast, second breakfast, third breakfast, brunch, pre-lunch, lunch... and so on.
    It was a total chaos and the internet was going to explode, so all the smartphones of Middle-Earth were destroyed and now I have to take a screenshot, and edit it with PS and other hipsterizing programs ;)