#4 - Lotro(geek’s) 30-Day Picture Challenge!

Ring a Dong Dillo!
# 4 - Celebrity stalker moment, which book character were you most excited to meet?
When I was a newbie I ran across the Old Forest and aggroed a lot of wolves... but then I saw old Tom strolling near his house, lucky me! Well... he let me die, bitten by hungry wolves while Tom was happily singing and dancing :D
Anyway, he still is one of my favourite characters in Lotr. I know that many people dislike him, and many more desn't even know that he exists, since he was completely cut off from P. Jackson's trilogy, but I like him because he is an ancient, merry, queer and completely out of control creature. Even in a world shaken by wars and darkness and banality, there will always be a Tom Bombadill, somewhere, proud to dream and to be sincerely unconventional :)

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