One Year Later!

Already a year after I begun to post pics and I got the Newbie Blogger Initiative Badge :-)
I still think that NBI has been a really positive experience, that made me think over blogging and videogames blogging (and I also met some cool girl-gamers whose blogs I still follow and appreciate: Ravalation, Danania and Lotirieth ♥). 
Recently I haven't been an active blogger, after the opening of Hipstalotro I joined a bigger kinship on lotro and I begun to raid a lot (and I also ended up becoming an officer _eek_), so I didn't have the time to explore and take silly pics around. But, to celebrate the 1st Birthday of Hipstalotro and the NBI, I decided to join the Lotro (Geek's) 30-day Picture Challenge, so I'll be posting a bit more for the next month ;-)

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